Aberdeen, NC

Aberdeen is generally hailed as a railroad and golf town, being centrally located to Pinehurst, and with a major rail line passing through the town.

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August 2, 2016

Aberdeen NC is located in central North Carolina, somewhat east of Charlotte, in Moore County. Since the year 2000, when the population of Aberdeen was around 3,400, the town has swelled by 70% to more than 6,600 in 2012. There is just over 6 square miles, consisting of more than 1,500 households in Aberdeen NC.

Quick Facts About Aberdeen, NC

Aberdeen, NC Population in 2012 is 6,600
Change Since 2000 is 70%

Males: 2,752
Females: 3,058

Median Resident Age is 37.8 years
North Carolina Median Age is 35.3 years

Aberdeen NC Zip Code is 28315

Where is Aberdeen, North Carolina?

Aberdeen is generally hailed as a railroad and golf town, being centrally located to Pinehurst, and with a major rail line passing through the town. Scotts Irish were the first to inhabit the town, during the 1700s, settling in the wooded thickets at Blues Crossing in 1854, along Aberdeen Creek. Named Bethesda at the time, tar, turpentine and pitch were the main industries of the day. The location was prime as it had plenty of land area, lots of available water, and several main roads that ran through the area, leading to Lumberton, Morganton, Yadkin, and Pee Dee.

Bethesda was later renamed to Blue's Crossing by Scottish Presbyterians in honor of the area's first settler, Malcolm McMillan Blue, and his wife Isabella Patterson, who had received a grant for the land from the King of England. Blue had established a home place in Bethesda during the 1820s, and eventually gained some 8,000 acres, including the land where today's Pine Hurst Race Track stands, just next to Fort Bragg. Pinehurst Golf Courses and the Southern Pines Resort also border Aberdeen. Each year a festival honors Malcolm Blue.

After the Civil War, in which the town lost more than 500 Confederate fighters, Raleigh and August Air Lines (now CSX) made its way through Aberdeen, and the turpentine, resin and tar industry grew. The first post office was built in 1877, and in 1881 a rail link was made from Blues Crossing to the Raleigh and August main track.

By 1888, the town renamed from Blues Crossing to become Aberdeen. Four years later John Blue built a connecting line from the Raleigh and August main east to Fayetteville and the Cape Fear River. Aberdeen soon became the hub for getting tar related products to market.


The average income per household in Aberdeen NC in 2009 was about $33,000, which is $10,000 less than the average North Carolina income. Average house value was around $170,000, which is about $10,000 more than the average home in NC. Renting a house would cost you about $665.

Towns Nearby

Today, Aberdeen NC has a population of about 5,800. The closest city with at least 50,000 in population is Fayetteville, NC, located 30 miles to the east. Towns closest to Aberdeen include Pinebluff (2 miles southwest), Southern Pines (2 miles northeast), Pinehurst (2 miles northwest), Ashley Heights (2.2 miles southeast), Taylortown (2.6 miles northwest), Foxfire (3 miles west), Whispering Pines (3 miles north), and Five Points (3 miles southeast).


Of the population, approximately 70% are white, 20% are African American, 5% are Hispanic, and 1% are Asian. 13% are of English decent, 13% are of German Decent, 11% are U.S., 11% are Irish, 3% are Italian, and 3% are Scotts Irish. There are about 943 people per square mile.

The cost of living in Aberdeen is less than the average small town in America, at 87 on the index. The common industries in Aberdeen are construction (19%), retail (12%), arts and recreation (11%), information (8%), hospitality (7%), and public administration (6%).


The elevation of Aberdeen at town center is 339 feet above sea level.


Average high temperature in July is 90 degrees, and average low is 70. In January, it is 30 - 50 degrees (low - high). The town sees about 3 inches of precipitation per month. This includes an average of about 8 inches of snow per month, December - March. Aberdeen is about 50% more likely to see a tornado than the average town in America.


The town is serviced by two schools, Aberdeen Elementary and Southern Middle schools.

Politics and Religion

Aberdeen is traditionally a Republican voting state, with 61% voting for McCain in the 2008 presidential elections. About 40% of the population has a religious affiliation, compared with 50% nationwide. 32% of these are southern Baptist and 18% are Presbyterian. 17% are Methodist, and 13% are Catholic.


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