Bakersville, NC

Bakersville, situated in Mitchell County, is a small town made up of less than 1 square mile.

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August 3, 2016

Bakersville was named after David Baker (settler) and was incorporated in 1870. The area of modern day Bakersville has been settled since as early as 1777. David Baker was the first known settler and by 1790 a group of them established themselves in Bakersville. David's son became an innkeeper, merchant, political leader, and owned substantial amounts of land until 1859 when he moved his family out west.

By 1852, court records refer to the town officially as Bakersville, but may have been referred to as Bakersville by the citizens in the 1840's. The town has been the county seat of Mitchell County since 1868, mainly as a trading hub, but post Civil War the town became a center of government and politics in the county. In the 1870's, rich deposits of mica found in the area caused the economy to grow.

In 1901 a terrible storm, known as the "May Flood", caused most of the town to be swept away. In 1923, another tragedy occurred that burned a great deal of the community. During the 1950's, the town prospered and grew, and rebuilt most of the town. Unfortunately in 1998, storms caused by El Nino destroyed a great number of homes, businesses, and roads. This resulted in Bakersville being declared as a disaster area that would receive funds to rebuild and prepare for future disasters.


The median resident age in Bakersville is 40 years. The median estimated household income is about $19,000 making it about $26,000 less than the North Carolina average. The estimated per capita is about $13,000. The average price for a home in Bakersville is about $154,000 (2013) which is $1,000 less than the North Carolina Average. Expect to pay about $320 a month for rent.

The racial makeup of Bakersville is 93% White, 3% Two or more races, 3% Hispanic, and 1% Black. 59% of the population are high school graduates, with 7% holding a Bachelor's Degree or higher. 45% are married, 7% are divorced, 15% are widowed, 3% are separated, leaving 30% that have never been married.

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Mitchell County

Bakersville belongs to Mitchell County in the western part of North Carolina. Mitchell County has a population of around 16,000 and the town Bakersville, with a population of about 500, is the county seat.

The County, named after Elisha Mitchell, formed from parts of Caldwell, McDowell, Burke, Watauga, and Yancey counties in 1861. Elisha Mitchell was a professor of math, geology, chemistry, and mineralogy at the University of North Carolina from 1818 until 1857 (the year of his death). Elisha was the first scientist to claim that a mountain peak was the highest spot east of the Mississippi River. To prove his claim, he climbed the mountain and surveyed it, but in 1857 fell down off a waterfall to his death. The mountain was named Mount Mitchell to his credit.

Mitchell County used to be one of the three dry (no alcohol) counties in the state; the others including Yancey and Graham. This remained to be until in 2009, the town of Spruce Pine, allowed alcohol only inside city limits.

Mitchell County borders Avery, Carter (Tennessee), McDowell, Yancey, and Union Counties.

Mitchell County is made up of 222 square miles. 221 of which is land with the remaining 1 square mile as water.


The Population of Bakersville, NC is about 470.


The elevation of Bakersville, NC is 2,470 feet above sea level.

Zip Code

The zip code for Bakersville, NC is 28705.

Area Code

The area code for Bakersville, NC is 828.

Politics and Religion

Historically speaking Bakersville and Mitchell County have voted mostly Republican, with 75% going to Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential Election. This represents the trend for the previous four or five elections.

As of 2010, 28% of the population are religiously unaffiliated (Nones). About 71% are protestants with Catholics making up around 1%.


The unemployment rate for Bakersville is around 6% (2015), making it higher than the state average of around 5%. Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Educational Services make around 50% of the most common industries in the town.

Newspaper & Obituaries

The Mitchell News-Journal is the primary newspaper that cover the Mitchell County area.