Bladenboro, NC

Bladenboro, situated in Bladen County, is a small town made up of 2.2 square miles...

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August 19, 2016

The area of modern day Bladenboro started as farming community known for lumber and turpentine production, but didn't start growing rapidly until a railroad was built through the community in 1859. R.L. Bridger and H.C. Bridger arrived in Bladenboro in 1885, and operated a turpentine company.

Soon after that they controlled a cotton gin and became involved in the lumber business. The Bridger's and their descendants would be a dominant force in the formation of the town and the economy for the next 100 years. Some of the businesses the family owned and operated include: the Bank of Bladenboro, Bridger Corporation, and Bladenboro Cotton Mills.

In 1903, the Town of Bladenboro was incorporated.

Bladenboro gained attention nationwide for the many suspicious animal killings; most of which were livestock and dogs. The victim's jaws were broken and were drained of blood similar to the suspected Chupacabra, but the sightings describe the attacker to resemble a wolf or cat. This lead to the local legend of the "Beast of Bladenboro".


The median resident age in Bladenboro is 46 years. The median estimated household income is about $21,000 making it about $25,000 less than the North Carolina average. The estimated per capita is about $17,000. The average price for a home in Bladenboro is about $64,000 (2013) which is $91,000 less than the North Carolina Average. Expect to pay about $530 a month for rent.

The racial makeup of Bladenboro is 72% White, 23% Black, 2% Hispanic, 2% Two or more races, and 1% American Indian. 68% of the population are high school graduates, with 12% holding a Bachelor's Degree or higher. 41% are married, 15% are divorced, 3% are separated, 14% are widowed, leaving 27% that have never been married.

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Bladen County

Bladenboro belongs to Bladen County in the south-eastern part of North Carolina. The County, previously known as Bladen Precinct (1734), is named after Martin Bladen. Bladen County has a population of 35,200 and its largest city Elizabethtown, with a population of 3,600, is the county seat.

The county was originally a large territory with undefined boundaries, but the reductions of Bladen began with the western part becoming Anson County in 1750. These reductions would continue for the next 58 years, and Bladen would be known as the "mother county" of North Carolina due to 55 of the 100 counties in the state originally belonging to Bladen County.

Bladen County borders Cumberland, Sampson, Pender, Columbus, and Robeson counties.

Bladen County is made up of 887 square miles. 874 of which is land with the remaining 13 as water.


The Population of Bladenboro, NC is about 1,750.


The elevation of Bladenboro, NC is 102 feet above sea level.

Zip Code

The zip code for Bladenboro, NC is 28320.

Area Code

The area code for Bladenboro, NC is 910.

Politics and Religion

Historically speaking Bladenboro and Bladen County have voted mostly Democrat, with 51% going to Barack Obama during the 2012 Presidential Election. This represents the trend for the previous four or five elections except for the 2004 Presidential Election where they voted Republican.

As of 2010, 46% of the population are religiously unaffiliated (Nones). About 53% are protestants with Catholics making up around 1%.


The unemployment rate for Bladenboro is around 8% (2015), making it higher than the state average of around 5%. Manufacturing, administrative support/waste management, and public administration make nearly 50% of the most common industries in the town.

Newspaper & Obituaries

The Bladen Journal is the primary newspaper that covers the Bladen County area.