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September 8, 2017


The median resident age in Ronda is 43 years. The median estimated household income is about $38,000 making it about $10,000 less than the North Carolina average.  

The estimated per capita is about $18,000. The average price for a home in Ronda is about $76,000 (2015) which is $84,000 less than the North Carolina Average. Expect to pay about $400 a month for rent. 

The racial makeup of Ronda is 88% White, 9% Black, 1% Two or more races, and 2% other. 62% of the population are high school graduates, with 5% holding a Bachelor's Degree or higher. 53% are married, 15% are divorced, 6% are separated, 8% are widowed, leaving 18% that have never been married. 

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Wilkes County

Ronda belongs to Wilkes County in the north western part of North Carolina.

The County, which is named after John Wilkes, and was home to the first NASCAR track and was a county that produced moonshine, being called the Moonshine Capital of the World, is a part of the North Wilkesboro, NC Micropolitan Statistical Area, has a population of 69,350. The county seat, Wilkesboro has a population of 3,400, while its largest city, North Wilkesboro, has a population of 4,250.

Wilkes County borders Alexander, Iredell, Alleghany, Surry, Ashe, Watauga, Caldwell, and Yadkin counties.

Wilkes County is made up of 757 square miles. 754 of which is land with the remaining 2.6 as water.


The population of Ronda, NC is about 400. The population has fluctuated, but has mostly stayed around the same number since the 1940s.


The elevation of Ronda, NC is 958 feet above sea level.

Zip Code

The zip code for Ronda, NC is 28670.

Area Code

The area code for Ronda, NC is 336.

Politics and Religion

Historically speaking Ronda and Wilkes County have voted mostly Republican, with 71% going to Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential Election. This represents the trend for the previous four or five elections.

As of 2010, 42% of the population are religiously unafiliated (Nones). About 57% are Protestants with Catholics making up around 1%.


The unemployment rate for Ronda is about 5% (2015), making it equal to the state average.

Production, office administration, and construction make nearly 50% of the most common industries in the town.

Newspaper & Obituaries

The Journal Patriot, Jefferson Post, and The Elkin Tribune are the primary newspapers that cover the Wilkes County area.


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